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Foot and ankle injections are useful for the targeted treatment of small joint wear within the foot, achilles tendon problems, plantar fasciitis and peroneal tendon issues.


These injections are performed as appropriate, either by Mr Parker or by the musculoskeletal imaging members of his team. The type of image guidance required depends on where the injection is required, and also determines who will carry out the procedure.


If you require an x-ray guided injection, this is carried out by Mr Parker.


If you require an ultrasound guided injection, this is caried out by the Consultant Radiologist, due to the Radiologist being formally trained in the medical use of ultrasound.

  • An MRI is usually required before having the injection which Mr Parker will arrange for you 

  • The injection will be done as an outpatient in the radiology department (where available), or as a day case

  • The procedure takes around 15 minutes

  • You may feel some discomfort after the procedure, but you should be able to drive shortly afterwards​​​

  • You will have a follow-up consultation with Mr Parker 4-6 weeks after having your injection 

Please always remember to ask Mr Parker at your consultation reference any specific recovery queries relating to your job or lifestyle.

Mr Paul Parker Foot and Ankle Injections

Foot & Ankle Injections

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