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Fee, anaesthetist, and booking information for patients having private knee, foot and ankle surgery with Mr Parker.


Booking Process

If you are a private patient and require knee, foot or ankle surgery with Mr Parker, the Practice Manager will be in touch with you after your consultation to arrange a mutually convenient date for your surgery. The hospital will then send you confirmation of your surgery date. Closer to the date of your surgery, depending on your past medical history, the hospital will be in touch with you to arrange either a face to face, or a telephone pre-assessment appointment.

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment

As part of your pre-assessment appointment and/or admission, the nursing team will carry out a Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment, and explain to you the reasons for carrying out this assessment. If for any reason this is not explained to you, please make the nursing staff aware. The risk assessment process categorises patients according to their individual risk of developing DVT and recommends the appropriate action for the medical practitioner to prescribe including medication mechanical devices to be administered to relevant patients during their hospital stay and for patients who remain at risk of developing a VTE after discharge from hospital.

Before you go home, the nursing staff will confirm to you if Mr Parker wants to prescribe you any medication, and will provide you with a VTE discharge information leaflet. Please click here for further information.


Self Pay

The Practice Manager can provide you with an estimate for the cost of your knee, foot or ankle surgery, but a formal up to date written quote will be provided to you by the hospital in advance. Any outstanding invoices to Mr Parker must be settled prior to booking any surgery. Fees for surgery are paid directly to the hospital prior to your surgery date. The package price consists of a hospital fee, a consultant fee and an anaesthetist fee. The package price is not inclusive of a follow-up consultation with Mr Parker unless stated in the quote. If you wish to include further follow-up consultations within the price of your package, this is available upon request.

Private Medical Insurance

It is your responsibility to obtain the correct authorisation from your insurance company before booking any knee, foot or ankle surgery or procedure. You would be liable for any associated fees you did not have authorisation for, and for any excess in relation to your surgery or procedure. Your insurance company will require the procedure code/s which will be provided to you by Mr Parker or the Practice Manager on bookingAny outstanding excess must be settled prior to booking any surgery. Separate invoices will be sent to your insurer by the hospital, the consultant, and the anaesthetist (if applicable). Fees are charged to your insurance company in accordance with their current rates.


Mr Parker's usual anaesthetists are also approved providers.  Your insurance company will want to know who the anaesthetist will be. Mr Parker's usual anaesthetists are Dr Rajneesh Sachdeva at The Priory Hospital in Birmingham, and Dr George Subeson at Woodlands Hospital in Darlington, County Durham.

Please note that due to national changes with anaesthetists terms and conditions with Bupa, from January 2024 our usual anaesthetist at the Woodlands Hospital in Darlington will no longer be a Bupa approved provider and you will require a different anaesthetist. If you are insured with Bupa and are a Woodlands Hospital patient, please speak to us for further information. 



Please ensure that you read the information on Covid-19 and surgery for The Priory Hospital, Birmingham, or Woodlands Hospital, Darlington. If you have any queries or concerns relating to Covid-19 vaccinations or Covid-19 requirements relating to your surgical procedure with Mr Parker, please call:

Postoperative Care Information

Whilst at your consultation please remember to discuss any queries specific to yourself regarding recovery time, returning to work, crutches, driving, flying etc. with Mr Parker. Postoperative knee, foot and ankle care information is not routinely provided with the general booking information sent to you by the hospital, but Mr Parker will be able to answer any queries you may have at your consultation. Please also see the knee injuries/foot and ankle injuries treatment pages. 

Sick Notes

If you require a sick note please make Mr Parker aware before you go down to theatre for your surgery. The Resident Medical Officer at the hospital will then give you the appropriate sick note on discharge from the hospital. If you forget to ask Mr Parker, please make the nursing staff aware before you are discharged from the hospital. If you require a further sick note, you should please request this via your GP, or if you have an upcoming follow-up consultation with Mr Parker then make him aware at your consultation.

Booking Process - Private
Postoperative Care
Sick Notes
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