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Information for insured patients on how to pay any excess charges owing to Mr Parker for treatment at Circle Heath Group's The Priory Hospital in Birmingham, and Woodlands Hospital in Darlington, County Durham.


You are responsible for knowing the terms and conditions of your private medical insurance policy before booking any consultations and/or having any procedures carried out. We do not know the individual terms and conditions of your policy. Unlike other insurance polices, private medical insurance excess is paid directly to the consultant and not to the insurance company. This information will be included in the terms and conditions of your policy.


When we invoice your insurance company for your consultation and/or treatment, we will be notified of any excess or co-insurance owing to Mr Parker. We will also be notified if your insurance if no longer valid. Your insurance company should notify you of any outstanding fees but the Practice Manager will also send you an invoice, which will need to be paid directly to Mr Parker before any further appointments and/or treatment can be arranged. 


You are responsible for any fees not covered by your provider and will be invoiced accordingly by the Practice Manager. If you provide us with incorrect insurance details or your insurance is no longer valid, you will also be liable for the associated fees.


Any excess must please be paid within 7 days of the invoice Formal debt recovery action will be taken on any outstanding invoices, and any planned referrals and/or follow-up appointments will be cancelled until payment is received. Please also note that we do not send yourself/GP a copy of your clinic letter and/or results whilst there is an outstanding excess owing to Mr Parker.


Payment Methods for Outstanding Excess, Co-Insurance & Invalid Insurance

Mr Parker cannot see/treat you again whilst there is any outstanding excess. Any excess due to Mr Parker's will be invoiced to you by the Practice Manager and not by the hospital. Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice in order not delay your treatment. Payment can be made directly to Mr Parker via bank transfer, or by cheque (if received within the 7 days). Unfortunately we do not accept card payments for consultation excess at this time. 

Please be aware that we do not accept direct payment from your workplace for excess unless it can be paid within the specified 7 days of the invoice. You, as the patient, are responsible for the payment of your excess. If your workplace has agreed to cover any excess, we can provide you with a receipt for payment and you should then claim this back from them.

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