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Ankle arthroscopy is not performed in many hospitals, however, the particular requirements and specific injury patterns of military personnel mean that Mr Parker has extensive experience of these procedures.

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure where a miniature telescope is inserted into the foot enabling the diagnosis and treatment of common ankle problems such as a torn cartilage, ligament damage or arthritis, without the need to make a large cut in the skin.

  • An MRI scan is required before surgery, which Mr Parker will arrange for you


  • Surgery is performed as a day case under general anaesthetic

  • For a simple ankle arthroscopy you will be fit to return to work/drive 10-14 days post surgery

  • For a more complex ankle arthroscopy (including microfracture) you will be fit to return to work/drive 3-4 weeks post surgery


  • You will require 3-4 sessions of physiotherapy after having your surgery​​​

  • You will have a follow-up consultation 6 weeks after having your surgery

Please always remember to ask Mr Parker at your consultation reference any specific recovery queries relating to your job or lifestyle.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Mr Paul Parker Ankle Arthroscopy
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