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Mr Paul Parker Bunion Treatment

Bunion Surgery

Bunions can be a problem at any age. Footwear modification can solve most problems, however, when conservative means fail, surgery is a definitive option. Not only will your foot be corrected and your bunions removed, but you should no longer experience pain and will be more able to get back to your daily activities. There will be no protruding metalwork and recovery is rapid. Read more about bunion surgery here.

  • An xray will be taken at your initial consultation for assessment, and before any surgery which Mr Parker will arrange for you 

  • Surgery is performed as a day case under general anaesthetic 

  • For simple bunion surgery (bunionectomy) you will be fit to return to work/drive 10-14 days post surgery, and should expect to be back to full fitness 3-4 weeks post surgery

  • More complex bunion surgery (scarf and akin) will require 6 weeks in plaster, and drive 6 weeks post surgery.

  • You should expect to be back to full fitness between 8-9 weeks post surgery

  • You will have a follow-up consultation 6 weeks after having your surgery

Please always remember to ask Mr Parker at your consultation reference any specific recovery queries relating to your job or lifestyle.

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