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Injection fee information for private patients (self funded and insured)
having an injection at their consultation.


Mr Parker can sometimes suggest having a steroidal or none-steroidal injection whilst at your consultation. If you are a private patient you should be aware of the associated injection fees below.

Self Funded Patients

There are two separate fees for the injection, one to the hospital (usually around £95 - £103, depending on the hospital), which the hospital will bill you for directly, and one to Mr Parker (£100 as at 21/01/24) which is billed to you via the Practice Manager. Please note that these charges are not inclusive of your consultation fee. 

Private Medical Insurance Patients

You won't always have athorisation for your injection beforehand, but you can of course inform Mr Parker of this and we can book you another appointment for the injection, or you may wish to contact your insurance company whilst at your consultation. The insurance company's consultant fee for an injection is usually around £50 - £100 so it is often better for you to have it done at this appointment rather than us having to bill for a further follow-up appointment plus the cost of the injection. We will bill the insurance company for a consultation plus the fee for the injection (see table below), but please note that the hospital will also bill the insurance company separately for the substance used.

Procedure codeThe procedure code which you will be required to give to your insurer for an injection carried out in clinic is W9040 'injection into joint, cyst or bursa'.

SubstanceThe substance I inject is called depo-medrone.

Consultant fees to insurerMy fee assured fees for an injection are as follows:

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