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Information for patients with private medical insurance booking a consultation with Mr Parker at Circle Heath Group's The Priory Hospital in Birmingham, and Woodlands Hospital in Darlington, County Durham. Private patients have the choice of booking a face to face, video or telephone consultation.  


Mr Parker is an approved provider with all major UK insurance companies. Booking an initial consultation as a private patient for a knee, foot or ankle issue couldn't be easier. Insured patients can book their initial consultation directly into Mr Parker's clinic online, or by contacting Sarah, the Practice Manager by phone or by email, who will then arrange the consultation for you.


Prior to booking your consultation you must please speak with your insurance company to obtain an authorisation number for your treatment with Mr Parker. You will need to provide us with your authorisation number along with your membership number, on booking. Your consultation cannot go ahead without this. Please also inform Sarah, the Practice Manager, of any excess or co-insurance you may have on your policy. 

When booking your consultation, please ensure to provide us with the exact same details as you hold with your insurer:

  • Full name (including title)

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • GP Practice

  • Contact telephone numbers (a mobile number if possible)

  • Email address

  • Insurance Company

  • Membership number

  • Authorisation number

Referral & Previous Scans and/or X-rays

You do not need a referral to see Mr Parker privately but we would just ask that if you have had any previous care regarding your current condition, that you make the Practice Manager aware. We do not have direct access to previous scan reports, x-rays, and/or correspondence carried out at other hospitals, they must be requested in advance of your consultation.


If you do not inform us of this prior to your consultation or you do not bring the associated correspondence with you to your consultation, it is likely that you will need a further consultation.

If you have been referred via AXA's Doctor Care Anywhere, please ensure you bring a printed copy of your referral pack (including the separate radiologist's report if you have had a scan) to your consultation, as unfortunately we are not always sent this information.

Information Letter for Patients with Medical Insurance

Once you have booked a consultation with Mr Parker the Practice Manager will email across an information letter to you reference your appointment.  The letter contains an overview of the information on this page along with some useful links to our website, and excess information. Please ensure you read this letter and the information contained in the links before your consultation.

Text messages from the Hospital

You will receive a text message reminder from Circle Health Group the day before any you have a booked appointment.  This includes your consultations with Mr Parker, and any physiotherapy appointments you may have. The text message will not however, detail the hospital, time of your appointment or who it is with. You are also unable to reply to these messages. If you have any queries regarding your consultation or physiotherapy appointment, please contact us directly.

Clinic Letters for Patients with Medical Insurance

You will receive a clinic letter by post, which details what has been discussed in each consultation with Mr Parker. A copy of the letter is also sent to your GP. If you do not receive your letter please contact us.

Cancelling your Consultation

As of 24th January 2023, we require 48 hours notice to cancel your private appointment. Please note that you may incur a £50 charge for the late cancellation of consultations (within 48 hours), or if you do not turn up to your consultation. Please see our cancellation policy for further information.


  • Fee assured 

  • Membership and authorisation number required on booking

  • Excess/Co-insurance must be settled prior to any further consultations and/or treatment

Private Medical Insurance Consultation Fees

Fees are charged to the insurance companies in accordance with their current rates. The fee for your private consultation is essentially for you to skip the NHS queue and see a consultant to have your condition diagnosed and treated promptly.  The fee also covers the clinic letters sent to yourself and your GP, the room rental at the hospital, and ongoing communication with the Practice Manager re. any queries you may have.

Excess, Co-Insurance & Expired Insurance

You are responsible for knowing the terms and conditions of your private medical insurance policy before booking any consultations and/or having any procedures carried out. When we invoice your insurance company for your consultation and/or treatment, we will be notified of any excess or co-insurance owing to Mr Parker. We will also be notified if your insurance if no longer valid. Your insurance company should notify you of any outstanding fees but the Practice Manager will also send you an invoice, which will need to be paid directly to Mr Parker before any further appointments and/or treatment can be arranged. Any excess must please be paid within 7 days of the invoice.  You must inform Mr Parker or the Practice Manager if you are no longer insured, or if your insurance is about to expire. You are responsible for any fees not covered by your provider and will be invoiced accordingly by the Practice Manager. If you provide us with incorrect insurance details you will also be liable for the associated fees.


Payment Methods for Outstanding Excess, Co-Insurance & Invalid Insurance

Mr Parker cannot see/treat you again whilst there is any outstanding excess. Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice, as to not delay your treatment. Payment can be made via bank transfer or cheque please. Unfortunately we do not accept card payments for consultation excess at this time.

Initial Consultation

Your consultation slot is for up to 15 minutes (this includes 5 minutes for Mr Parker to do the dictation to your GP and any required referrals). Please however, be assured that Mr Parker will not have you leave the consultation until all your questions have been asked. You may also require further investigations before Mr Parker can assess your condition fully. We would advise that you make a note of anything you wish to discuss with Mr Parker and bring this with you to your appointment. 

For some patients the initial consultation may seem quite brief. Please do not be disconcerted by this. Mr Parker may not have an immediate answer to your condition and may need to request further investigations, such as an MRI or CT for example, in order for him to assess your condition fully. This will be arranged promptly in order not to delay your treatment.

If you require further investigations, Mr Parker will ask you to get in touch with us once you have the date for your investigation or the date you have completed your physiotherapy sessions, so that a follow up consultation can be arranged.  With the results of your investigations, Mr Parker will discuss in detail, a way forward with your treatment.

Please always ensure that you are aware of the associated fees before proceeding with any diagnostic test, injection or physiotherapy. 

If a diagnostic test and/or physiotherapy is recommended as part of your treatment plan, as a private patient, it is not mandatory to have it carried out at the hospital in which you are attending. If you do not wish to attend a different hospital for your diagnostic test, please ask for a copy of your referral form whilst at your consultation. Please click here for further information.


  • Authorisation required for any diagnostic tests, physiotherapy and/or surgery

  • Fee-assured anaesthetists

Diagnostic Tests, Physiotherapy, Injections & Surgery

You will need to get authorisation from your insurance company for any investigations, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, injections and/or surgery.

Mr Parker can sometimes suggest having a steroidal or non-steroidal injection whilst at your consultation. Please click here for further information on the associated required authorisation and charges.

If you are having a surgical procedure then your insurance company will also need the procedure code which will be provided to you on booking, by Mr Parker or the Practice Manager.

Fee-assured Anaesthetists 

Mr Parker uses fee-assured anaesthetists.  His usual anaesthetists are Dr Rajneesh Sachdeva at The Priory Hospital, and Dr George Subison at Woodlands Hospital.

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